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Advisor with entrepreneurs and long-term specialists who will help your startup to turn your project into a real and investible business.

Tom Horsey​

Co-founder & CEO at StartupLabs Spain

Chosen one of the 200 most active 'Business Angels' in Europe, specially focused on startups in Andalusia.

Marketing and Internationalization

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Gregorio López

CEO & Founder Mox

Logistics provider for businesses with more than 1,100 employees and a billing forecast of more than 2 million euros for 2018.

Mobility, Business Plan, Strategy, Internationalization

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Investment Manager at Axon Partners Group

He managed the investments within the startup programs at StartupLabsSpain and advised on the search for investment.


Finance, Legal,

Business plan

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Pilar Carvajo Lucena

Investment Officer at IDB Invest

Manages third-party resources, with an investment mandate at the intersection of financial returns and a positive impact on climate change mitigation/adaptation.

Investment, Fundraising, Business Plan, Strategy, Sustainability, Latin America

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Director of Business Development and Strategy

Social and technological entrepreneur. Founder and ExCEO of Geographica (Purchased by @CARTO). I invest in technology companies from Habichuelas SL, 7 for now. Current position: Director of Business Development and Strategy at CARTO.


Digital Innovation,


Business development,

'Business Exit Strategy'

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Co-Founder of

Black Bull Group

Company that manages logistics and supply services for more than 25 Defense Ministries worldwide. He is a member of Miami Angels and Florida Funders, a platform that invests in and supports innovative startups in the US.

Sales Development

/ Middle East




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and Business Angel

Co-founder and General Director of the biotechnology company Biomedal. Expert in technological entrepreneurship and biotechnology.


Investment, Strategy,


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Alejandro Villaran


and Business Angel

Co-Founder VP Business Development Seabery Augmented Technologies. Augmented Reality Skills Training company headquartered in Huelva, serving Education and Industry clients in more than 45 countries.

Strategy, Sales, International Business Development, monetization, growth

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and Business Angel

Founder of Urbytus, mentor in various Startups, Keynote & Motivational speaker, expert in CRM & Software as a Service

Seed Investment,


Business Development

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Industrial Engineer

Former Technical and Business Development Director at Aussa, developing innovation and technological improvements in new business offers and processes.


Urban mobility,

Smart Cities,

Strategic Thinking

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Economist and Psychologist

Director and Psychotherapist of the CANUCA Center. Executive and Organizational Coach, with Manuel Campo Vidal in his television program "Emprendedor XXI". Consultant and Leadership Trainer with more than 15 years of experience.


Executive Coach

and organizational

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David Gálvez

Executive Director of Avocado Labs Decision Making.

Machine Learning and IA Mentor Professor at the University of Seville and the EOI.

Head of the Machine Learning and AI area at Agilia Center.

Regular speaker on topics related to Machine Learning.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Vanessa Galindo

General Manager

at La Mamma Mobile

Manages the company specialized in mobile entertainment, with campaigns in Asia, Europe, Latin America

and Africa.


Product, Sales, Ecommerce

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Ramon Compaño

Business Angel, Physicist,

and Financial agent

25 years of experience in international projects in the field of basic and applied research, as well as management in techno-economic projects.

Investment, Business Plan, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Internationalization

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Sr. Executive in Human Resources

Sr. Executive in Human Resources with more than 25 years of experience participating in multicultural Human Resources, Strategy and Executive Education projects. MBA from San Telmo and Program.

Human Resources,


Corporate development

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Jaume boada

Country Manager MOX

Former Head of sales at Just Eat Spain. Former Country manager at Tiller Systems / SumUp, currently Country Manager MOX (company with more than 1100 employees and 2020 turnover of 10mm euros). Specialist in technology applied to the horeca channel

(bars / restaurants) and last mile.

Sales, Business Development, Growth, Operations, Technology

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Ramón Espuny

Founder and CEO of DILIGO

Professional with more than 15 years of experience in mergers, acquisitions, integrations and corporate reorganizations. Ex PwC, Ex Rocket Internet and Ex Just Eat. He also worked as Investment Director at Next Chance Invest (Family Office of Nicolás Luna de Tena). In 2019 he set up his own consulting firm from which he provides financial consulting services to startups and investors.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategy and Digital Business Development

SaaS, Marketplaces, Logistics and Business Intelligence

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Luis Manuel Núñez

APACHE Partner

Digital executive with more than 10 years of experience participating in innovation, digital marketing and consulting projects in Spain, England and Ireland.


Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and Business Development

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Industrial Engineer, Businessman, Entrepreneur

Industrial Engineer, Real Estate Investor and Strategic Planning specialist, Writer, Entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in financial evaluations, Business consulting, Mentoring and Funding. Investor for Restaurant chains and Franchises in the EEUU. Financial and Business Advisor to several companies in Colombia, Mexico, Panama and EEUU. House Flipping Guru.

Strategic planning, Business plan, Investments, Finance, Internationalization, Project financing.

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Luis García-Baquero

Data Scientist and Smart Cities Specialist

Machine Learning expert with extensive experience in various sectors (energy, transportation, smart cities, retail ...). He specializes in developing predictive models, extracting insights from data, and aligning AI development with business needs.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Mobility, Energy

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Juan Pedro Benítez

Director and Entrepreneur

Telecommunication engineer.

Almost 25 years developing business and technological products (15 years in multinational telecommunications companies ).

He has directed 3 startups. Advisor in Opinno and several accelerators. He has lived in UK, France and Spain.

Business and Product, Mobility, HealthTech, AgeTech, IoT, Wireless

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Cristina García de Lago

Muving Commercial Director

Professional with more than 10 years of experience in technology and digital business. Passionate about the world of technology, sports and innovation and always looking for ways to make life easier through it. Entrepreneur and investor of reference in shared mobility and smartcities sectors..

Mobility, Energy

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CEO of Superbo and Executive Chairman of Encore Media

19 years of experience in executive, C-level and / or sales and business development positions, in B2B environments in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean and Australia. He is responsible for creating revenue streams and identifying revenue opportunities in the target company's accounts, developing sales and business plans, and executing to close revenue. Responsible for developing and cultivating relationships with C-levels and business divisions. Provide annual sales revenue as defined in budgets and targets.

Technology, Media

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WhatsApp Image 2021-01-09 at

Alberto Asuero Arroyo


Former CTO and Co-CEO of Geographica (bought by CARTO). 10+ years in geospatial and data sector. I invest in technology companies from Habichuelas SL, 7 for now. Currently CTO at CARTO.


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Miguel Ángel Zapata

Founder and Medical Director of Optretina

Company with more than 8 years of experience in the field of eHealth and telemedicine, with
More than 370k patients attended, present to date in 5 countries. Passionate about
new technologies applied to medicine. Deputy ophthalmology service
Vall d'Hebron Hospital and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Artificial intelligence applied to medicine,
Medical / healthcare software

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Javier Fernández Gallardo 

Business Angel and Startup Mentor

Business Angel and strategic-financial mentor of Startups. Specialist in strategy, Business Development, financial management and fundraising. Partner of Innoventures Capital. Experience as an entrepreneur, manager, mentor and consultant. Former ICADE, BCG, Apax,

Fundraising, Financial management, Strategy, Business development

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CEO of Strategyco

Founder and CEO of Strategyco, Associate Director of Huete & Co, member of the board of the AIME - Asociación Interim Management España en Andalucía, member of the Innovation and Digital Transformation Commission of the CES (Confederación de Empresarios de Sevilla), mentor of startups and professor at various business schools.

Author of the books "Vitamins and Vaccines for Today's Business" and "The Magnificent Seven".


Strategic Planning, Business Development, Professionalization, Transformation and Change Processes

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Ignacio Oroquieta Correro

Cofounder and CFO of Le Room Service

Training in industrial engineering and finance. Co-founder of Le Room Service, developing a new concept from scratch, operating nationally and preparing for the imminent international expansion. We work with the vast majority of chains in the European hotel sector.

As CFO I have developed the financial strategy of the company including three rounds of investment, business development, cost optimization or contingency plans to supply the Covid 19 crisis, managing to emerge stronger from it.

Business development, Financing, Investment rounds, Cost optimization, Business plan, Contingency plan, B2B

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Jesús González Martí

Co-Founder and CTO of Sofiathinks and Business Angel

Computer Engineer and Co-Founder and CTO at Sofiathinks, a company that develops an artificial intelligence system for the home, and offers security, elderly care and energy saving services. At the end of 2020, an operation was closed to integrate Sofiathinks within the MásMóvil Group.

Expert in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, entrepreneur, business angel and mentor.

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, Startup Management, Team Management, Product Management, Funding

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Javier Padilla

Co-Founder of ElDesmarque, Entrepreneur and Business Angel

Co-founder of ElDesmarque, s technological leisure at Ten Golf. e xpert in e-commerce, m Entor with 10 years of experience, successes and failures and varied projects pasionado looking to try your PMV.

Acquisition and loyalty of users, Analytics oriented to obtain results, Creation of strategy to achieve KPIs, SaaS, Pitch for investors and marketing and communication in general, Strategy for exit

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Startup advisor and Business Angel

I help businesses understand what is going through their client's head, how to add value to them and translate this into a growth strategy. Both in traditional businesses and in the most scalable ones.

This is how we reached and maintained No. 1 in hotels - Algarve - Tripadvisor and Trivago.

I have been applying this methodology for 5 years in startups of different accelerators.

As an investor, I look for teams of go-getters in the early stages to whom I can add value in agile and scalable sectors.


Value proposition, Validation, Strategy, Business model, Decks

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Alberto Pardal

Founder and CEO of Hogar Salud

Your company has a team of health professionals whose job is to provide home health services, such as nurses, care for the elderly and the elderly, among others.
In addition, they have made 250,000 home appointments in 9 cities of the national territory.

Heathcare, Business Strategy, Expansion, Digital Transformation, User Experience, Monetization

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Montse Vega

Territory Manager at Amazon Web Services

More than 10 years of experience in sales channels, marketing, strategy, operations and project management. Former Vodafone. Experience in development of local and international markets as well as implementation of technological projects.


Business Development, Digital Transformation, Cloud, Strategy, Team Management

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Francisco Prieto

Partner / Business Director (Sales and Operations)

Professional career linked to business consulting and business development.

Professional experience:

Senior Consultant in Madrid and Director of the Andalusia office at Page Personnel. Michael Page Group.

Senior Business Development at Groupon Spain.

He is currently Business Director at the Fasse Group firm. He carries out business consulting projects, and gives training courses in Management and Sales skills, in companies such as: Endesa, CBRE, Glovo, Schneider Electric, American Express, Segurcaixa, etc.

Consulting, Banking, Insurance, Tourism, Retail, Delivery, Industry, IT,  Food

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